The City

Once the gods threw down on the earth three apple clingstones. The fate of the first two of them is unknown but the third one had fallen in the middle of a boundless steppe. It absorbed the warmth of the Sun, the strength of the Earth and the coolness of the Water and sprouted up. Soon that little clingstone became a tree, then it grew up, shot up and spread its leafage to the East and to the West, to the North and to the South.

By the beginning of summer golden fruits were glittering on its branches, and a wayfarer who was walking past turned off is road, and a narrow path stretched beside the apple-tree. Later the path had widen and become a road. A wanderer who was trying his luck on that dusty road, saw the glaring apple-tree and realized that he had finally found his luck and built a house near the tree. After a while other travelers also ended up their strivings, built their houses around the tree and bore (gave birth to) children. Then they have built up a heathen and sacrificed to the gods the golden apples.

When the children grew up, people built up a school and the children joined to the wisdom of the gods. They those children appealed to the gods in their prayers and railway was constructed by the apple-tree. Then they opened stores, established factories and universities, laid avenues and squares. They invented barracks, libraries, cemeteries, courts, ministries, cafes and casinos. They built skyscrapers and contrived spaceships. They dogged out the sciences and arts, and tried to create their own wisdom. And they established a brothel in the vicinity of the apple-tree and the heathen and called their city The Big City.

Then people cut off the apple-tree and constructed a stone tower in its place. And they forgot the gods and considered themselves the gods.

The gods grew sad, and their benediction over the city came to an end, and people became multilingual. Then the brothel governed the city and the whores began ruling in the heathen instead of the pagans. Then they penetrated into the barracks, libraries, cemeteries, courts, ministries, cafes and casinos and seized the city. And songs stopped, a depression came to the sciences and arts, the spaceships disappeared in the dark clefts (crevices) of the sky. People alienated from the sacred (divine) wisdom and destroyed the school to use its stones to end up with the half-built tower.

The whores drank in the heathen, and the stone footsteps of the heathen overgrew with moss. Then the houses began to crumble, and people gradually (slowly) deserted the city, giving up to new strivings. At the end there was only one man left in the city. He also took the wanderer’s stick and made his way to try his fortune. The narrow path that was left from the road soon covered with grass and got lost from view. The gods sent tempest (storm) and wind and buried the disgraceful ruins of the city under sand and dust.

The gods have thrown down three apple clingstones. One to the story-teller, then other one to the listener, and the third one has fallen in the middle of an endless steppe…